H4A Worldwide

H4 Aerospace Ltd employs some 25 plus engineers and support staff across the UK, Germany and Hungary. The work force consists of a good range of disciplines in the field of aviation comprising of Mechanical, Electrical, Avionic and Stress engineers. H4 can also provide support engineers during the installation phase of one of our modifications if required.

If required the company can also provide the aircraft technical publication supplements in support of a design program.

H4 Aerospace’s head office situated in Hemel Hempstead, Hertfordshire being an excellent location to the UK’s Major airports in the south of the country. Our northern office being located in Hawarden near Manchester is ideally situated to support our customers and airports in the midlands.

H4 Aerospace’s European offices are both near major airports, the German office being in Hamburg and located within easy reach of Hamburg’s city airport and the Hungarian office located in Budapest’s close to Hungary’s international airport.