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H4 Aerospace offers considerable experience in structural and monument design and manufacture. The company undertakes mechanical design in support of its cabin interior and avionic/electrical programs or as independent design and integration projects.


The following are some of the more recent programs undertaken by H4 Aerospace.

  • Cockpit power Installation for Electronic Flight Bags.

  • In-seat power Installation.

  • Galley and Toilet Installations.

  • Cabin Reconfigurations.

  • Galley and Lavatory installations

  • Interior modifications VIP and Comercial.

  • Defibrillators Installation and Certification.

  • IFE equipment Installations.

  • ELT equipment Installations.

  • Fixed Antenna Installations in support of the avionic upgrades.

  • Aircraft livery changes.

  • Mechanical support for Avionic upgrades.

  • Bespoke Certification Support.

H4 Aerospace uses the following CAD packages

  • AutoCAD for 2D design

  • Solid Works for 3D design

  • Solid Works COSMOS for Stress design

  • MathCAD

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